Chemical Blacking

One of our most popular services, chemical blacking produces the black decorative metal finish that also improves storage life and corrosion resistance. The black oxide finishing process is also referred to as blackodising.


An immersion in a high alkaline bath, eliminates the problems of hydrogen embrittlement common to electro plating and phosphating, which makes stress relieving unnecessary. An even overall coating is obtained, which greatly enhances its protective properties. The finish is produced chemically on steel by the conversion of the surface to FE3 04 giving a decorative black non-chip finish.

There is no change dimentially, making it ideal for the machine tool, armament and instrument trades. Research from the automobile industry indicated that this process was preferable to phosphate and luberising, giving up to ten times the anti-scuffing life before breakdown is observed. This has also be confirmed by the aircraft industry where the process has been approved for many years on gears and other bearing surfaces.

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